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so going on it anytime soon or this is it

Hello ! Thanks for your message. Graphics and story-wise, the game has not made any significant progress, as the people I've been working on the game with have been busy on their own stuff during the past few years. On my end, I've kept adding to the project from time to time during my spare hours, so I've been thinking of releasing what I've done so far (an episode editor, and new in-game mechanics), if any of you guys might be interested in trying it out. In that case, I will likely post something later during this summer.

if it adds a lil more to the storie then yeah

I know I'm a couple years late, but I played this and it was absolutely fantastic! 

Hey, nice makeup on the vid thumbnail ! Thanks a lot for playing our game and dropping us a line. It looks like you enjoyed the atmosphere :) Sorry for the "backtrack in the tunnel to fetch the crowbar" bit - it was a plot-device to set up the encounter with the red thing, and we had very little time on our hands. I was glad to see that you still liked it !

I'd personally very much like to continue working on the game and tell the rest of the story, but the other guys of my team have to dedicate their time to other stuff for a living so for now I've only made a game editor so that we can make other episodes. As soon as something cool is ready I'll post it here, so you'll probably hear about it.

Anyway thanks again for giving the game some of your time and keep up the good work with your videos !


Very short but nice as is, neat visual style.


Thanks for dropping us a line ! Glad that you enjoyed it !


Hey i made a video of the game! theres more episodes to come since i had a hard time with it XD

Hey that's awesome, thanks ! I look forward to watching them, but this one video is private and I can't see it for now. Let me know when you set it public or unlisted and I'll go watch it for sure ! :)

Hey again, found your part 1 video and it was a very interesting watch. I'm going to share it right away :)

Looking forward to watching part 2 now, good luck ! I'd be interested to hear your thoughts after you complete it, like what's good and bad so that we can fix stuff and make this game more than just a proof of concept done in 3 days. We plan to make a real pilot episode out of this subway stage. Thanks again Nate !